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Coming to the community from February 2024

We Rest
We Move
We Sing

Bi-weekly Rest, Move, Sing sessions offer you nuggets of support,
connection and resource
as you meet the challenges of the day-to-day.

Sessions integrate Embodied Rest, Somatic Movement
and the Singing of Seasonal Songs together.

We will explore embodied ways to remember yourself as part of a living landscape and connect with the natural world through your body and voice.

These sessions are open to all humans over the age of 18.


Bi-weekly Tuesdays: 9.15-10.45am


Dates are listed HERE.


The Angel Hall, Bowden House, Near Totnes.

What to expect:

  • a guided embodied rest session with a gentle somatic movement exploration that elicits the innate wisdom of your body and celebrates it in connection with all life. 
  • To tap into the resourcing potential within your body, alongside practice that nourishes and restores. 
  • Collaborative somatic and vocal practice within the group.
  • To honour transitions and integration time. 

‘Hayley’s sessions both create and hold space for embodied exploration and discovery against the backdrop of the seasons in such a beautiful, simple and profound way…with tender and strong care, with an encouraging beckoning, an invitation to drop down into deep slow somatic being, to re-find ourselves in body, within each season.
It was so clear to feel the thoughtful and feeling-full crafting behind these sessions.
Thank you Hayley…it was precious to be graced with this experience!’

Lynne Speight


What is?

Embodied Rest: These are gently guided relaxation sessions, drawing on the practices of yoga nidra
and somatic relaxation modalities.
With its focus on the body, Embodied Rest will offer you space to deeply rest and restore.

Somatic Movement: There are so many different approaches to Somatic Movement. Hayley draws upon her studies and experience in Authentic Movement, the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olsen, Linda Hartley and Emily Conrad, as well as other somatic movement lineages.

You can expect to be gently guided into the wisdom of your own body, exploring ways to nourish and resource each body system through movement.
There is always permission to listen to what you need in each moment and respond from there.
Come and try it out.

What happens in a session?

We begin with an embodied rest session and ease into gentle somatic movement.
We will then come together to complete the session by learning a harmony song together
which will connect us with nature and / or the season we are currently inhabiting.
Sessions are designed to be embodied, nourishing and connective and heartful.

Do I need to be able to sing?

No, not at all!
The emphasis here is on connection, community, togetherness and celebrating diversity.
Come as you are and bring what you have.

I don’t have a car. How can I get there?

We will be setting up a link to a lift share so you can make it here.

I need this! How do I book?

I will be offering donation based taster sessions throughout February.
Bookings will open in the New Year for regular sessions, which will begin in Spring 2024.

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