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Woman, mother, dreamer and lover of wild landscapes. Explorer of culture, embodiment and belonging through the artistry of the moving body.

I work to re-member humanity as part of the living fabric of the Earth and all that lives within, human and other-than-human, seen and unseen.

Tending the living landscapes of body, earth, the liminal and the numinous, through movement, voice, therapy and ritual.

Working with a gradual disentangling of the impacts of colonialism through the body and standing with movements toward social and ecological justice from soma to culture.

Committed to nurturing attuned presence, embodied listening and tending the threads of relationship with all life.

I am based in Totnes, South Devon.

 Hayley has an incredible skill to hold space and take care of the boundaries as a facilitator whilst she includes and embodies herself as a part of the group. She always made sure that we were comfortable, and that we don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right (boundaries were honoured). I learned ways to check in with my partner and those I worked with about their boundaries and what they felt comfortable with, and I also felt welcome and safe to express my boundaries.

Nina Nousianinan

I work as a trauma informed ISMETA registered somatic movement therapist and educator (RSMT, RSME), yoga therapist and educator, and singer.

For the past two decades I have been facilitating movement and collaborative somatic explorations within diverse communities. 

From body oriented support groups for the general community, movement explorations with the land, embodiment journey’s for women and through my one-to-one collaborative somatic therapy practice.

Walking alongside those who wish to explore:

  • Motherhood
  • (Re)Connection with the body
  • Life transitions
  • Embodiment & Belonging
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life-Death-Life cycles
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Eco-somatic movement
  • Our shared humanity
  • The Mystery


This work validates the living wisdom of the body through empowering, collaborative somatic practice. My approach is co-creative and exploratory, responsive with the needs of each group or individual.

I draw upon the containment and wisdom of a wild and alive landscape as well as upon the practice and principles of Authentic Movement, the work of Miranda Tufnell, Andrea Olsen, Linda Hartley and Emily Conrad, as well as other somatic movement lineages, gentle yoga, voice work and embodied relaxation. 

I feel forever grateful for the facilitators who have guided me over the years, allowing me to land where I am and to continue emerging onwards.

 Work with me

‘Hayley’s Rest and Rise sessions both create and hold space for embodied exploration and discovery against the backdrop of the seasons in such a beautiful, simple and profound way…with tender and strong care, with an encouraging beckoning, an invitation to drop down into deep slow somatic being, to re-find ourselves in body, within each season.
It was so clear to feel the thoughtful and feeling-full crafting behind these Rest and Rise sessions.
Thank you Hayley…it was precious to be graced with this experience!’

Lynne Speight

I began exploring yoga and meditation as a child, which led me to spend 5 years living in India and Thailand studying within yogic and mindfulness traditions.

While I discovered much beauty and wisdom in these traditions, they also awakened me to the impact of colonisation, unhealthy power dynamics and patriarchy upon the objectified body. This has led me on an arduous, humbling, illuminating journey of deconstructing colonial and patriarchal structures through the body. I still feel very much a beginner.

I am privileged to have grown up in the Scottish countryside, surrounded by the vastness of nature, with a body of water at my doorstep. I have always felt deeply related to the landscape, experiencing it as alive and communicative.

We are nature. Nature moves through us, as us. 

My practice is rooted in an understanding that body and earth are made of the same stuff. We are part of this living system that is inclusive of our humanity. Living this has implications on the ethics of my practice, which are committed to the health of our planet.