Weaving within the wounding

Individualism has been fostered by dominant cultures, convenient to industrial growth, promoted as ‘empowerment.’

Co-opted by industrial complexes, spiritual and otherwise, to manipulate and keep us separate, always searching for the thing we can’t quite put our fingers on… which, perhaps, may be remembered were we to turn back toward each other and remember our interdependence, our shared need for each other.

Now, there’s a lot of wounding in the space between us that also needs tending. Grief that needs to be felt, harm that needs to be acknowledged, the ability to be joyful & play together that needs remembered (not just in workshops!). Generations need knitted back together, old woven with young, and our interconnection with all life, how it flows through us, as us, to be felt through its full spectrum, putting us humans back in our place – of awe, of a greater humility and resting in knowing we are not the all important ones – we are part of something much vaster than we ever can grasp…