What / who is behind what we do?

When we open up to working online what is the hidden cost (yes, there is always one, somewhere)?

When we have a message we bequeath with the importance and need to share with larger numbers of people – who is cast into the shadows, human and other than human?

Is this another form of entitled colonial thinking or is there merit – does this work reach in to the places it may otherwise not (ie beyond the white middle – upper class bracket)?

Do we dilute something essential?

What’s the environmental impact to working online?

Who is in essential slavery to allow this work to happen – genuine question and worth enquiry- ?

When we open to greater personal financial abundance through our wider reach, who pays elsewhere?

No matter how much we dress it up and justify it, are we losing something essential through our actions?

If we want to shift systemic issues, to weave true community and re-embrace interconnection, what do we need to promote more?

What systems / structures / energy / entity are we feeding when we engage in this kind of work? Who thrives, how?

Can embodied learning happen online? Can it, really?

What’s the impact of focusing our work online somatically, culturally, environmentally and relationally?

I’d like to note that working online isn’t something I’m essentially opposed to. I’ve tried studying online and it doesn’t work for me, where it may other people. We’re all different. And perhaps there’s a place for some of my work online somehow although it’s unlikely that will ever be occupy a large space.

I’m asking these questions with a genuine curiosity around as I’m with an enquiry around something of the potency of working in person with small groups.

It’s how I work. I haven’t embraced online working for personal reasons and also due to these questions I have around it when I consider things in the long view of the world I’d love the generations to come to thrive within.

There’s something of potency I recognise in working in person and with smaller groups that, although I’m not seeing as many people, I feel may be more effective in the unseen, unrecognised and marginalised realms… its a sense I have somatically and there’s a lot more to enquire in to around it.


* I’m adding to this to say that this is a complex issue and I guess I’m speaking in to facilitation although not necessarily exclusively.

* these questions could apply to other things around vocation other than online.