The many angles from which to see the sky

Do you feel the thinning of the veil that is present at dusk and dawn? As I was moving with the Earth the other evening, the magic felt palpable to me. Movement has become ritual for me, a means through which I can both deeply resource myself and connect with the sacred dimensions of this animal body as part of the wider field.

Here’s what came through after some movement in our garden one evening:

I twist and weave through
The many angles from which
I can see the sky.

The eve time birds
silently gliding back to roost.
The dappled clouds
Smattered across the darkening hues.
The widening and softening back
Of my gaze.
My feet.
And the earth.

And the soft, cool breeze,
Within which I am moving,
Whispering into me
Shape and form
And a growing silence
As my body becomes the dusk.


No matter speed or slow,
I am stillness
Moving into darkness.

Time stretches.
Birds glide.
Long grass sweeps upon my feet.

My soul is resting
Upon the ebb of the dimming light.
Breathing here.
Awake to the dreaming.
(Hayley Price (C) )