Somatic Yoga in Pregnancy

Somatic Yoga in Pregnancy
A little snippet of my this mornings emerging movements.

This is not intended to be used as a set practice, although, if you would like to – go for it! My intention is more to show how the intuitive body can flow into, from and through movements when it is allowed.

(I am in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy so I would recommend, if you are to use this video, to use it from the 2nd trimester onwards – I felt so sick in the first trimester I could barely move at all!! It’s great to be celebrating movement again after a break!)

Some of what you will see here is sequence (mainly for supporting my sacroiliac joints as they loosen in pregnancy!)… most is intuitive, the bits in between and around the sequences – there are no names for ‘postures’ – just deep listening to the body and allowing it to move and express as it needs to in each unfolding moment.


Somatic Yoga is focused towards exploring an intuitive knowing of the body, moment to moment, from the inside out. It integrates sound and intuitive, free form, movement with simple and gentle sequences that promote presence. The invitation is offered to fully inhabit the body and access its innate wisdom through your own unique experience. Somatic Yoga is less about physical achievement and more about developing a healthy relationship with yourself, your practice, others and Life. In this way, movement is used as a tool to inquire within, to develop open attentiveness and creativity as well as to aid relaxation and release. The environment is non-competitive and you are encouraged to listen to the needs of your own body without force. With the focus on mindfully staying with breath and physical sensations this practice can access the level of the nervous system as well as the emotional body. In this way it naturally supports integration and healing. It can also be very useful for pain management and relaxation.