It is what it is

Whatever the Weather


I sit here listening to the rain falling outside,
A heavy, consistent pattering into the deep ground.
I breathe the air that wafts in through the open door,
Drinking watery wetness into every cell,
Life is Here.
Life is Here.

Coolness touches my cheeks and fingers.
My eyes Open…
To See, to Receive, to Behold.
What is before me, I don’t know.
Visions, Dreams, Imaginings.
World upon world
Yet to be told.

My heart, a tender beating universe within itself,
Unfolds before this turning wheel.
Here I am.
I am.
My life, a journey.
Door after door after door,
Unlocking all I feel.

It is here I rest,
And breathe.
It is here I turn in,
And from here I peer out.
Sometimes Vivid,
Sometimes Clear.
Sometimes swimming in a sea of darkness.
Whatever is here is here.

It isn’t about whether the sun is shining,
Or if the rain is falling.
It isn’t about being “perfect”,
Or “doing nothing” while sinking in sloth.
It isn’t about standing out from the crowd,
Or hiding away, playing “humble”, unseen.

It simply is what it is….
And sometimes that’s complex.

It simply is what it is….
And sometimes that’s messy.

It is what it is….
And sometimes it is the most heartening, expansive thing.

It is what it is.

And all I know is Nothing,
And that
It is what it is and
It is nowhere not Here.

Botany Bay road, Edisto Island, South Carolina

Hayley Price (C) 21/9/2015