Yo Yo Yo Yoga! 😉

Yoga is Movement in Stillness

And Stillness in Motion

A calm mountain lake,

The crashing waves of the Ocean


It’s extravagance, simplicity,

It is Ice and Fire.

It is a new born babe

And the funeral Pyre.


It’s the belly’s hearty laughter

And a serious pout.

It is seeing all our layers

From the inside to the out.


Yoga is within and all around us

In its essence and its form

It is shape and it is shapeless

Vast empty sky and wild storm.


And where is yoga not?…

It is nowhere not here.

It can be found in every crevice,

In feeling Love through all our fears.


It is diving into LIFE and

Meeting every situation.

It is holding ourselves kindly

Through each habituation.


And awake to every moment

Exactly as it is

The concept drops away

And there is only



(poem by Hayley Price, December 2013 (c) )