Re-member your body
as part of a diverse,
living landscape,
with all life.

Living in a culture that values immediacy, being busy and ‘power over’ the natural world, slowing down, resting, and attuning to the natural intelligence of your own animal body is a radical act that contains at its heart the support systems that can shift culture away from a ‘power over’ paradigm to an ‘empowered with’ one.

Body as Resource: In response to this cultural paradigm, I am motivated to share simple and effective tools that allow you to inhabit your body with a greater sense of presence, resource and self agency. I see connecting with the body’s innate faculties of support as the groundwork that allows this work to unfold safely.

Body as Guide: Somatic practice evokes awareness of, and offers expression to, body systems that can often sit below the threshold of everyday consciousness. Contacting these systems and remaining attentive to body as living process can inform and guide you as you navigate your unique path.
In these processes the wisdom of the soul in given voice through your body.

Body as Nature: We work to validate the living wisdom of the body and its place as part of the animate Earth.
Embodying our relational interconnection with others, the space we inhabit and the Earth forms an important part of this work.


If you have arrived here, chances are you are curious about exploring embodiment and belonging.

Perhaps you have become aware that your history is stored in your body and you are looking for a safe way to connect with and integrate it.

Your body may seem quite foreign to you, like you live somewhere outside of it, and you may be looking to develop tools to inhabit yourself more fully.

You may be a mother, looking for support in navigating the huge transition that becoming a mother entails, looking for space to be seen in this.

Or maybe you have some space in your life you would like to dedicate to meaningful enquiry, through embodied practice.

Whatever reason you have found yourself here, you are welcome as you are.

Would you like to feel more connected with your body?

Are you looking for one-to-one sessions that can support you in your process at this time?

Motherhood is one of the most undervalued roles in society. Are you a mother, seeking support as you navigate motherhood?

You may be yearning to:

  • Feel seen
  • Have some space to process challenging feelings
  • Develop inner resources
  • Explore your birth story

Would you like to explore themes around embodiment, belonging and body as nature in a group?

Are you looking to to develop embodied tools that support you to resource yourself while being in relationship with others?